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Well, Al, you still have that right.

You may travel by any means available to you that you can afford.

I may engage someone to drive me from Bangor, WA to Bangor, ME.

If I so choose I may go through the process to legally fly myself from Dedham, MA, to Dedham IA. (That process would probably include the building a heliport in those two locations.)

I can pay Amtrak, or I can buy my own train and hire/become the professionals to run it.

If I wanted to walk from Salem, OR, to Salem, MA, I can do it as long as I purchase a continuous tract of land wide enough to walk it. OR file suit with the United States for prohibiting hiking along the Interstate roads. OR find a path from location to location that does not involve said roads.

Every method of travel is still available to me if I choose to exercise it, and/or Pay the money to have it exercised for me.

The principle of denying one form of travel when another is available does have it's corollaries in the right to bear arms. A jurisdiction may ban concealed carry, or Open Carry but not both.
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