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New Savage 10 sr

So picked up the above rifle yesterday after having it on layaway for a while.

First time in my life I"ve had a really nice trigger and I'm already spoiled.

Anyways, mounted up my scope a SWFA 10x and after I got everything together i noticed I could hear a kind of rattle (sounded like a spring rattling around) in the turret area... i braced the rifle and moved the turrets around and they seemed to be tracking just fine but still the rattle kinda worries me thoughts?

Also I have a bunch of magtech 7.62x51 and i've noticed that it fits pretty tight in the chamber... i'm guessing its the ammo as none of my other ammo, a grab bag of 308/7.62 had trouble closing the bolt. Safe to fire it? Would be a shame since i have 250 of it.
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