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Double Naught Spy, "Since the videos do not show what happened up until Grisham was detained, I can't see where anyone is drawing in conclusions about his guilt or innocence or whether how he was treated was appropriate."

I think that the officer not telling him why he was being detained other than the manner in which he was carrying his weapon is a pretty good indication of a bogus charge. He did not say he was being detained for pointing his weapon at anyone or shooting in an unsafe manner. The only reason for his detention that I heard was the way he was carrying his weapon. I think that these officers are merely capitalizing on a political climate, and not the law. Hopefully, we can all get the chance to hear the entire conversation which should have been recorded by the officers. I don't think that anyone has said that they know he did not break any laws. However, based on what we saw and what the officers replies were, it doesn't appear too lawful at this point. My legal advice and $20 will get you a very small cup of coffee at Starbucks!

By the way, does anyone know how this is possible?
"At some point, the cop drew his own weapon and pinned Grisham until backup arrived. "
If you draw your weapon, are you necessarily going to be able to wrestle as well? Was this some type of standoff?
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