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Originally Posted by Kochman
I said that a check should be done. Currently the 4473 is the mechanism.
There is no reason use of 4473 couldn't be expanded to the unlicensed from what I can tell.
I agree that it could be expanded, I do not agree that it should be.

Originally Posted by Kochman
Regarding the response of "that won't stop a determined criminal.
1) Nothing will stop a determined criminal...
2) So, in lieu of that, we have a duty to make it harder.
Yet, having unlicensed individuals engage in 4473 checks does not make it harder for someone who does not want to do the check. That is why it is not useful.

Originally Posted by Kochman
3) It will stop a law abiding citizen from selling the gun to the gun when the 4473 comes back as negative... because they won't want to get hemmed up in the aftermath for selling to a known criminal. As it stands now, we don't know the guy's a criminal (except for those claiming clairvoyance and the ability to "sniff them out" based on their 5 minute chat with the potential buyer of course, we should definitely respect that claim)
It is possible that a felon would be stupid enough to attempt a purchase with a 4473 check, and that the purchase would be frustrated when the check comes back negative.

Do you understand that this does not keep the felon from getting a gun?

Originally Posted by Kochman
4) It will force the criminal to be strictly black market.
That criminal's possession of a firearm is already illegal. Do you really think that making it extra super double illegal helps?

Originally Posted by Kochman
5) When a criminal does killings with an illegal gun, it doesn't make the news.
6) When a criminal does the killings with a legally purchased gun despite him not being able to buy legally, it does make the news and doesn't help our cause.
I think the most difficult part of defending civil liberties is in defending the exercise of those liberties against those who exaggerate the cost of exercising them and minimize the burden of infringement.

There are very few things I can guarantee, but I believe I can guarantee this: somewhere at some point in the future someone will be wrongly killed with a legally purchased firearm, and there is nothing you can propose which will prevent that.

I can also guarantee that people will speak and write dangerously and vote unwisely. Foresight restrains us from attempting to prevent those errors because our experience is that the solution is worse than the problem.
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