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Airplane travel isn't a constitutionally-protected right.
Yes, it is. It isn't specifically mentioned, but it is mentioned in the COTUS. If fact, you have to get licensed (passport) to leave the country in any way shape or form for foreign travel (outside of US & Canada, Puerto Rico etc are US soil), you have to do less to buy a gun.

We've covered that. Your unwillingness to comprehend it notwithstanding, the short answer is that delaying a right is temporarily denying a right.
That's not taking the right away. That's what I asked. What right did you lose?
To lose something is a more permanent state than a temporary situation.

Yes, and it's used in a NICS check, which is a deciding process.
No, the NICS isn't a deciding process either. It is, like the 4473, part of the mechanism used to check if you have had your rights adjudicated away, which is when the decision process took place.

Regarding passport travel on the way out, I've had mine checked. It's generally a temporary thing as we aren't in the business of telling people they can't leave... unlike places like the former USSR. They could have a visa, etc, but maybe not allowed to leave.
Point being, it is still a mechanism/function of the passport, and yes, I've had my passport checked leaving the country. I faced more scrutiny leaving the US to enter Quebec than I did actually entering Quebec (2011).

Regarding the woman in the shelter. That same check prevents her husband from buying a gun and using it without a waiting period on her...
In the meanwhile, restraining orders are quick and shelters are available, etc.
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