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Dude, if you can't handle the occasional and rare temporary restriction for those who are false negatives... then you probably lead a very upset life. Again, when life and death, err on the side of caution.
He's made a decent case for the flip side of erring on the side of caution as well.
The woman being stalked by her abusive ex husband might not be able to wait for a 7 day period.

Plan it out a little better? Should she apply the restraining order to her face so when he ignores it and beats her, it'll soften the blow? We love the rhetoric sound bite- when seconds count the police are minutes away.

I believe it wouldn't be an overall bad thing for every transfer of title to go through a background check. I also believe there will be instances where it would be bad. This is not a perfect world, and us folks running around in it aren't perfect either.

Finally, and remember you and I agree quite a bit here Kochman, your posts are striking me as a bit... heated. Passionate discussion is great, but we have to keep it constructive. Suggesting someone leads a very upset life is not constructive.
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