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I'm trying not to be curmudgeonly this morning, but why on earth would you be frustrated with 1 1/4" groups out of the box with factory ammo? That's a pretty good group for starters.

Behind me, on the wall, I have a group shot with a Tikka 25-06 that I don't have the capability to measure. It's just one slightly oval hole. It's so small as to be unbelievable...and it is. It's luck. Very good luck, but luck. It's from my hunting loads that probably average 1.5-2.0 inches from my setup. But I like the ballistics and bullet, and it's fine for me. I shoot deer at ranges of less than 300 yards with it. Do I call that a .10" inch rifle? Not with a straight face!

It's been said to death, but accuracy in a rifle is not the only thing to consider, and a stock hunting rifle that shoots 1.25" has nothing wrong with it.
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