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There's only one cure for this, you'll have to buy both. Beware lever guns have a way of affecting you mind and 1 is probably not going to be enough. I bought my Marlin 336 in .35 Rem back in October and now I want one each in .30 WCF and .32 Win Spcl. They're addicting.
i can believe that. i just realized yesterday that i had been using the win. 94 several years ago bear hunting. i had no clue that's what i had borrowed. man that little gun would shoot. it had adjustable peep sights and while i never did shoot a bear i bagged several grouse and a couple rabbits with it. i was able to shoot it well enough to not waste a single bite of meat. i really liked that thing. always reminded me of the "rifleman" tv show that dad used to watch. i always wanted to rapid fire it from the hip but never did. safety and stuff. lol
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