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I've got five.

One is a 12 ga Sears/Mossberg 500 that I bought 35 years ago for deer hunting with buckshot. I've killed a bunch of deer, and a few squirrels with it, but mostly it's a deer gun.

No 2: My fathers 12 ga Sears 200 that was his turkey shoot gun. I guess I've shot it, but I don't remember for sure.

No 3: Mossberg 500, 20 ga pump. My wife uses it for deer hunting a couple of times a year, but mostly I just wanted a 20 ga.

No 4: 12 ga Parker Trogan from 1924. 28" barrels, full/Mod. I've always wanted a Parker. Now I have one.

No 5: 16 ga. Lefever Nitro Special from 1928. I honestly got this one just because it was cheap. I really don't know what/if I'll use it for anything.
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