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Today pickings are slim in this post Obama panic buying spree. The products just aren't out there right now (and I live in Shotgun Country!)
Most likely the store stocpiles will be refurbished and Low Speed. Light Loaded shotshells will abound BUT untill things get replenished my wanted shells just aren't out there!
I did find 2 boxes of 2 1/2 dram 2 3/4" #7 20 gauge shells for $15 per box, I only had enough for one box with me so I grabbed the little Jewels for my 20 ga SxS!
All the target 12 ga loads I find are 3 1/4 dram 7's and 8's with ounce and a half shot loads. These are cooking at 1300fps and like was said are definately NOT target loads! More like large dose small shot Phesant loads! Brutal on the sholder!
I am going to fit my Westernfield H/D sawed-off 20"bbl with a thick Limbsaver slip on recoil pad! They claim great recoil reductons and Customer comments seem to echo this fact. It seems like slip-over pads do the most to squash recoil. Maybe it;s their loose fit that allows for this fact?
Couple light recoiling shells with a very decent recoil pad and I think my nad sholder will cry out thankyou!
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