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I appreciate all of the helpful replies. I did not in any way post this to be self-congratulatory because I am not pleased about what all of this means. I have carried these rifles since I first started carrying a rifle. I am comfortable with their operation to a level that only comes after years of use. I knew by posting on this site that some would scoff at what I am saying. All I know is that the proof is printed on the targets and the proof tells me to look at other options whether it be training or "gadgets" as some referred to. Are there other facets to be worked on? Always. Range estimation, wind estimation, shooting from various field positions, etc etc etc. None of those, however, address the issue that I posted about originally which is a significant reduction in group sizes printed by a different brand of rifle when compared to my preferred brand. I mentioned signing up for a precision rifle clinic. Unfortunately I do not have the required caliber of rifle for the clinic. I don't own a 308, 300 mag, 338 lapua, or the like. So to take a class, I have to obtain more of the dreaded gadgets. Scope, rings, bases, and rifle will set me back a lot. Is it worth it? I don't know.
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