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.308 choices

Have done a lot of research but I figured I would get some opinions on here as well. I really want to get a .308 as my next rifle. I have a Mosin and love bolt actions, also have an AR-15 and love that platform, but then I also love the look and feel of the M1A (which I do not have).

So, here's the dilemma, what rifle to go with: The M1A, AR-10, or a Remington 700 with this stock:

Would love to hear some input as to experiences with the rifles, pros and cons. I'm looking for something light weight that won't be a bitch to lug around while hunting. They all have their pros and cons in my mind. The AR and Remington 700 would be about the same when it comes to customizations after I fit that AR style stock on it. I like the AR, but then already have an AR-15 so idk if I want another AR platform. Decisions decisions.

Thanks for the feedback
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