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James K
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At that price, I suspect they will have the gun for a long time. The Model 88 must have seemed like a great idea at the time. A modern, streamlined, lever action rifle, in modern calibers, with a bolt action style stock! A detachable box magazine! And a lever that didn't pinch any fingers! So what was not to like?

A lot, based on sales in this area at least. Lever action fans just didn't think it looked like a lever action. And bolt gun fans didn't see any real advantage over a bolt rifle. Pump gun guys were satisfied with their Remingtons.

So after a brief flurry of interest in the gunzines, the Model 88 kind of went into the background and stayed there. It could be ordered if anyone wanted one, but not many dealers stocked them.

Maybe it deserved better.

Jim K
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