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A lot of new shooters coming into the market, and a lot of new shooters like revolvers for their simplicity. I just did my permit class yesterday, and a sp101 is on my radar when the permit clears. If it is on my radar, then it is on thousands of others as well.

Not to mention our state's largest Ruger dealer told my coworker, last month, that Ruger were already well over their sustainable order levels for the entire year and were not taking any more orders. Is it true? I don't know, just repeating what was told to him. But from what I gather, pretty much any well regarded handgun, like a sp101, is very hard to find these days... unless you luck into one.

It will take probably 2+ months for my permit to come in, hopefully it gets better and not worse by then, if worse.. I'll probably have to wait it out to find a gun.
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