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Shredder, my alternative method is an RCBS beam balance much like yours. I'm not going to rush out and buy a $350 auto-dispensing electronic wonder either; among other things, I'm not sure it's actually that much faster than dumping the bulk of my charge with a Lee scoop and then trickling up to desired weight. I'm happy with 0.1 grain resolution, and maybe I should just accept that extra, firm 0.1 in either direction and not sweat too much (which means I should probably also go over to the ladder method of load testing).

I merely mentioned my scale's limitations as an honest disclosure of my experiences with it. I'm vey happy with it for an eyeball indication of where I am (way over, way under, getting pretty close, within acceptable margins), but my absolute trust in it decreases the closer I get to maximum (on the rare occasions I approach it). That's when I weigh every charge twice on the beam.
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