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Handguns - Nov 2009 001.jpg some of my 1911's ...Wilson Combat, Les Baer, Kimber..../ Wilson blued 5" is my primary carry gun in .45 acp / stainless wilson is my primary practice gun 5" in 9mm....Baer in 5" 9mm monolith ...a Kimber gold combat stainless II in .45 acp and a Kimber tactical Pro II model, 4" in 9mm..../bought everything new. some of my S&W revolvers in .357 mag ( K, L and N frames).... a pair of model 19's 4" in Nickel, a pair of model 66's stainless 4" / a model 27 6" blued / a model 686 6" stainless .....picked them up over time...( they were all used ) ....about a yr old now ...a new member to my collection a Freedom Arms, single action, 4 3/4" octagonal barrel, large frame, 5 shot made in .357 Mag....( my birthday present to myself last year). This is quite a piece of craftmanship ...I'm really happy with it.
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