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Okay, the link in the OP goes to a website with a very flowery description, some photos, and 3 videos. Am I missing some videos?

Since the videos do not show what happened up until Grisham was detained, I can't see where anyone is drawing in conclusions about his guilt or innocence or whether how he was treated was appropriate.

After the videos pick up the action with Grisham cuffed, I see the officers going about their duties disarming him and him complaining left and a lot of people do, then trying to tell the cops what the law is and how they are supposed to do their jobs (which always goes over well, LOL).

In short, without knowing what happened before the video started, it is hard to say if anything wrong went on afterwards. Depending on what happened before the video, the officers actions may have been wholly correct in their actions. That somebody made a website and is playing the war hero card and grand injustice card without other supporting information is a bit hard to follow without more documentation other than showing him after being detained.

The story from Wounded Times NewMilitary sounds a bit different, that Grisham didn't comply with officer commands...
(citing and partially quoting the story from a defunct link of Army Times)

...though Grisham says he did.

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