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I purchased an older LNL from a guy I work with as my first press, luckily it had the manual and all for the press as well as the powder drop,,,it does take some tinkering to get things to function smoothly but I only bought it cause it was convenient (he took payments ) and cheaper than a new one, I use it more like a single stage press than a progressive but being fairly new I like taking my time anyway, right now I only load 223,243 and 30-06 and later on I will start loading for 9mm and Im sure I will want to be able to crank up production so having already having the LNL I`m good to go,,,,,have you tried looking on ebay ? theres usually some on there, I dont know maybe the LNL is a pain in the a$$ to operate, buts its the only one I`ve ever had so I wouldnt know any differnt anyways good luck !
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