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Originally Posted by Sevens
Is this pronounced "one degree match gun" ?! Please explain. It sounds...exclusive and COOL!, sure...that's what it means, of course.

It's actually a little shorthand I use for "primary".

Originally Posted by AID_Admin
Sorry guys, if I don't know what I am talking about... but I think if you really want a pair of here Millet sights they are:

Again, I am newbie to revolvers, may be it's not what you are discussing...
Yep - thems the ones. They're not unobtainable, but you can't go to Midway or Brownells and just order with a click. It's also "buyer beware" now, so be sure those you buy on ebay are exactly what you want. For example, those in the link have squared off front ends, whereas newer guns have rounded front ends.

Here's a pic of my 1° (primary) match gun with Millett rear sights (on bottom). My "2°" 686 (soon to be my 1°) with stock sights is on top.

Millet sight on my 686:
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