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Back in the older days when I owned alot of guns, nothing loaded went in the safe, and I had a separate smaller safe for ammo. If it was in the safe it was because it was a collectors item or some other gun that I didn't plan on using any time soon. To me, putting a home defense gun in the safe is not wise, as it was an extra unneeded step if things went pear shaped.

I had a magnetic holster screwed into the wood of the headboard, out of sight right by my head where my .357 ruger speed six rode ready. The 12 gauge pump rode a set of 2 plastic hangers that slipped between the mattress and box spring.

I also kept a .357 s&w under the top of my desk in the den, and a smaller 9mm auto on the top shelf of the safe in the den.

I never saw the wisdom of putting a loaded gun so far out of my immediate reach that I could get in trouble and not be able to get out. We were in a rougher neighborhood back then. (well, we were in the middle class suburbs right next to the ghetto, so we were often the first target for scumbags not wanting to go too far from home to commit a felony)
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