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But you do NOT have to show an ID to travel within the US, JimDandy, so what is your point?

Why do people refuse to grasp that every new regulation we create, every new license we require, every new hurdle to the exercise of a right that we allow to be placed, brings us that much closer to a police state way of life?

This country was founded on the principle of keeping Big Brother in check, not on the principle of justifying his methodology.

A lot of people like to quote Benjamin Franklin about those who sacrifice liberty for security. Personally, I like an older source, one who predates the US by millenia, but who exemplifies what used to be the Western standard of enlightened individualism: Aesop.

Check out the Aesop's fable about the dog who invites the wolf to the farmhouse. Seems like we have members here who think the wolf foolish for refusing the collar...
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