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No I can't say that I did. Aside from not visiting the crimes of the father on th son, and vice versa, that could/would be a street buy- one of the options.
Well, then you're being naive - though whether intentionally or not, I do not know. You do know, do you not, that a vast amount of crime is committed by gang members, right? Vast amounts of it - and where do you think those gang members obtain their guns? From their gang member buddies, of course. I can't seriously believe you didn't consider that criminals would likely associate with other criminals.

And you STILL haven't addressed how you can think a study based on self-reported felon behavior is trustworthy.

And the question I asked you that you didn't understand was- If the guy you're selling your firearm to, that you have no reason to believe is a prohibited person, actually turns out to be one- does he suddenly deserve to have that firearm?
No, of course that's illogical. But it does NOT make a convincing case for intruding upon my property rights nor does it make a convincing case for treating every potential transferee as a likely criminal.
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