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Straw Men and Street Buys have their own statistic. But that's still 40% of Crime Gun sales in the Friends and Family Plan.
Oh my goodness. I just now looked at your "study" - which happens to be a survey of federal and state inmates. Did you not consider that the "friends and family" of inmates are highly likely to also be criminals likely to be transferring stolen firearms? I can't believe you are seriously suggesting a DoJ survey of convicted felons to be a reliable index to use when assessing the likelihood of a firearm transferred in a good conscience FTF transfer to be used in a violent crime. Seriously.

Let's turn this around.. if you absolutely have no reason, in good conscience to think your neighbor who you've known for 20 years isn't a prohibited person, is that any reason he shouldn't be if he is? If 25 years ago he became prohibited, and hasn't gone through the rights restoration process...
I have no idea what you're asking me here, but let me put this simply. I refuse to accept the notion that I am required by government dictate to invoke the intercession of a third party to dispose of my personal property. It's really that simple.
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