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Kochman, who said anything about walking around? I said DUI, which refers to driving.

Do you not think cars are deadly implements? Have you ever compared road fatalities with gun shot fatalities? Have you ever looked at the numbers killed or maimed by drunk drivers?

Yet you feel that roadblocks are an invasion of privacy, and should be illegal... but you think NICS is reasonable and necessary.

FWIW, Kochman, medical malpractice kills more people in a given year than do firearms in the US. Firearms are deadly, but so are many other things. Those other things either don't draw media attention, or are backed by serious money.

You can claim apples and oranges all you like, but that only shows that with regard to lethal effect, you haven't actually checked your numbers; and with regard to the Bill of Rights, you don't understand the concepts of Strict Scrutiny (which the courts tend to apply to ALL other Constitutional protections), Intermediate Scrutiny, and Rational Basis (which the antis keep trying to apply solely to the Second Amendment).
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