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Why does that get you? The landowners have losses and want to recoup what they can. They don't have to like it that the hogs are causing problems, but that doesn't mean they need to let strangers hunt their land.

Charge for room and board and meals and processing you will get more help relieving the probelm.
Yes, having to be in compliance with hotel and restaurant laws, inspections, etc. will certainly making landowners' lives much easier.

If the hunter is incompeitent and shoots something he shouldn't charge his ass for the replacement of that animal it would bring plus some and make it hurt.
Charging the incompetent hunter's donkey won't likely yield you squat. Who says the hunter can even pay for the damages or is willing to do so without a lawsuit?

You know, Keg and I have talked about this. We seem to be missing out on meeting all these landowners that are complaining so much and charging so much at the same time. Generally speaking, either folks are complaining or they are charging. The ones charging are often making very good money doing so.
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