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Does that statistic remove straw man purchases as well as transfers of stolen guns or guns transferred from one criminal to another? Because no UBC will prevent any of those types of sales. I'm talking about honest to goodness, good conscience, I have no reason to believe this other person is a prohibited person transactions. And if there are no metrics on that, then this entire conversation is moot and all of this is nothing but a big time-waster.
Straw Men and Street Buys have their own statistic. But that's still 40% of Crime Gun sales in the Friends and Family Plan.

Let's turn this around.. if you absolutely have no reason, in good conscience to think your neighbor who you've known for 20 years isn't a prohibited person, is that any reason he shouldn't be if he is? If 25 years ago he became prohibited, and hasn't gone through the rights restoration process...
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