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Yesterday, I was making some 357's when the shellplate jammed. It looked like some used primers were under the plate. It was getting late so I left it. This AM after a trip to the post office to mail my tax forms, I started to take the machine apart. Expended primers were stuck under the plate jamming it so that it could not move. The ram that supports the shellplate and carries the used primers down under the machine was stuffed full of primers so that they backed up. Using a tweezers to get them out one by one, I finally saw what was blocking it. I found my steel detent ball in the shaft and popped it out with a piece of wire from underneath. As I sit here typing, better half brings in the mail and lo and behold, I now have two balls, (pun intended but true.) So now I have a spare detent ball. I thought you might be interested.

Richard L.
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