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All the time - shooting moving communicating is key to tactical marksmanship.

sprint and shoots are a whole other animal. once the shooter gets back to the firing line keep them moving - getting behind cover , moving in depth, linear lanes, barricade shooting, live fire obstacle course runs you name it.

its a bad bad bad habit to get into by standing on a static firing line all day punching paper. you miss all the tactical aspects that come into play during a real gunfight.

and its a problem if you can shoot stressed. Its not as easy as you think to do the following tasks while your gasping for breath

identifying and moving to cover
high wall negotiations
low wall negotiations
pieing corners
moving in L , T, X hallways
quick peeks
negotiating windows
shooting from the prone, kneeling
recovering from being knocked down and shooting
egress from a structure
shooting from vehicles
shooting from a seated position
shooting while covering another
weapons retention drills
weak hand/offhand/injured hand drills
mag changes on the move / from behind cover
moving in depth / linear movement
etc etc etc

IMHO too many people think that putting massive quantities of bullets through tiny little holes in paper prepares them for a real life street encounter.......
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