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The Swedish armed forces used several revolvers. The first was the Model 1863, a Lefaucheux-made pinfire design; some were later converted to center fire, designated the M/1863-1879. Next was the Model 1871, an 11mm revolver, made by Lefaucheux, Francotte, and Husqvarna. The Navy used the Model 1884, a French design in 11mm, made at the French arsenal at St. Etienne.

The one sold as surplus in large numbers, and the best known in the U.S., is the Model 1887, in 7.5mm. It is a Nagant-Warnant design (though without the sealed breech of the Russian Nagant), and was made by Nagant and by Husqvarna.

The cartridge is almost identical to the 7.5 Swiss, and the two are often confused. Interchangeability is not always certain, though, due to slightly different tolerances.

The last revolver used by Sweden was the 9mm Revolver Model 1958, which was simply the S&W Model 12 (airweight) with a two inch barrel. While called "9mm", it was actually chambered for the standard .38 Special. 1500 were purchased for use by the Swedish Air Force.

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