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I gotback into shooting venterfires too late in life to also get into reloading too. Only have the energy for one vice at a time now. I just look for sales and for good prices on factory ammo.
I wish I knew someone who reloaded shotshells! I'd have them build me some light loaded pratice ammo to get good with the guns. I have been away from shotgunning long enough that this is like starting all over again! Frankilly with the ammo situation, my sholder is taking a lot of punishment from full power hunting loads! I have to tone it down especally in 12ga but also in 20ga!
Nothing nicer than shooting mild 20ga loads but don't ever underrate the 20Ga for recoil. You can get both the 12 and 20 gauges toned down for all day shoots and long clays sessions but it's all in the loads!
Most shooting situations only require modest powder charges to get shot velocities up to killing velocity or clay busting power. What good does it do to have the capibility of really busting the bird or clay if you can't hit it? The only real way to hit is to pratice and that takes light loads so you can shoot a lot to gain profiency!
I have followed this pratice with my centerfire revolvers and plan to carry it over to my shotguns.
Yea I do "pair" pistols and long guns even Pellet guns! Nothing nicer than to have a nice pair to play with eh? Truthfully, the search for companion revolvers or semi-autos is kinda fun! You can usually find a period correct Rimfire fairly economically on the used market. Far as centerfires go, costs increase but so does the praticality when afield. A Coup De Gras .357 Ruger can accompany your SxS for pig hunting. A semi-auto for your pumpguns.
I usually try and pair guns within a decade of eachother,ie my Chief'''s sspecial witth mmy pumpgun.
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