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Ultrasonic cleaning

After about 500 rounds with a quick wipe down between range trips I decided to use my Harbor Freight ultrasonic cleaner to do a deep clean on my GP100 (SS). The cleaner/solvent I used was simply Coleman's white gas (kerosene).
I pulled the trigger group (it comes out as one unit) the hammer, and the cylinder and crane assembly, and put them in about an inch of solvent for a three minute spin. after three minutes I turned the pieces over for another three minutes. It was amazing how much crud came out of the pieces without any other action. The carbon left on the cylinder wiped off with my thumb and a rag.
While the parts were in the cleaner I cleaned the bore and the forcing cone area.
I wiped all the pieces dry and applied a few drops of gun oil and re-assembled the gun. You got to love it!

Gee I wonder how good it would work with Ed's Red?
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