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I have about 20 shotguns ( mostly Browning O/U's ) ...about 12 in 12ga, 5 in 20ga ...and 1 in 16ga, 1 in 28ga, 1 in .410 ...

all of mine are for breaking clays or live upland birds...( Browning Citori XS Skeet, in all 4 gagues, 30" barrels @ around 8.5 lbs my primary gun for general shotgunning - Skeet, Sporting Clays and hunting / For Trap my primary is a Browning Citori XT Trap with 32" barrels).

I have so many ...because I wanted them and I thought I needed:
a. some extra dedicated Trap guns ( single barrels...BT-100 / XT's in 32" / etc...) / an extra XS Skeet because I didn't want to be 300 miles from home and have a gun break ( but I've never broken one )...

b. wanted a semi-auto so I picked up a couple of Benelli Super Sport models...( fractured my shoulder blade before a sporting clays season - and I couldn't handle an 8.5 lb gun all day I bought the Benelli to shoot that season - liked it, and kept it) ....I don't sell anything...

c. to pick up some of the Browning Citori Lightning - field grade O/U's in
28" barrels, refinish them, keep them for the kids down the road...
( and things got a little out of control !! )
For Defense...I will always turn to my 1911's ( 5", Wilson Combat, .45 acp is my primary carry gun )...and I practice weekly with it.

and the accumulation just grew over time ...and eventually I'll pass them down to the grandkids, etc.
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