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I understand your love for the 22-250, I feel the same way. As far as your problem of rebarreling and wait time, I would contact McGowen and get a barrel from them. I usually get barrels from them within 6 weeks, and the wait on the machinist is about 3 weeks, so in 1/4 the time you are referring to you could have your rifle completed. And McGowen barrels are excellent, better than Shilen, Douglas or Lothar Walther (which are good barrels, don't get me wrong). As far as twist, 1:14" has been the "standard" for the 22-250, the 220 Swift, and other fast 22 cal CFs for 75+ years (Rem 700 factory barrel has a 1:14" twist). If you are going to stick to the lighter bullets (funny, 35 years ago when I built my first 22-250 those 52/53 grainers were the heavy bullets ), I would stick with the 1:14" (although I am considering rebarreling my 22-250 with a 1:12" barrel because I shoot 55 grainers and I occasionally see weird flyers in the dense air here).

As far as stocks go, I would restock if I were you. From the description of the issues you have been seeing, I think one of the issues is your stock. I know a guy in WA (me ) that does great stock work and his rates are very reasonable.
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