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I might be posting this in the wrong place, and if I am, I apologize. But either way, it relates to the Gun bill and the possible amendments. I read somewhere that there was an amendment that appeared to have wide spread support that would effectively give nationwide CCW reciprocity. Did I read correctly? If so, where can I find more info on it. This seems like it might be a good thing. The only problem I can see with it is a quid pro quo amendment from democrats. Thanks guys for keeping track of these things, and helping us who aren't as good at this kind of stuff informed.

EDIT: Nevermind, found it.

Reading that, Schumer is an idiot. He thinks that a criminal (who won't be able to pass a background check to get a permit, by the way) will just go through the trouble of getting a permit in another state just to carry in NYC and turn Times Square into the "OK Corral." Or, they'll just do what they do anyway...not care about what a piece of plastic (the permit) says they can do, and just carry anyway...


Quote from Schumer that makes me sick to my stomach (emphasis mine)...

Times Square is different than rural Wyoming, and our police don’t need even law abiding citizens having the right to carry guns.
He said it in the quote...that carrying a gun is a right, but he wants to take it away. If it were a privilege, that'd be one thing, but we have a right...and he even calls it that! Makes me absolutely sick. Not to mention that I think a law abiding citizen needs a gun more in Time Square than in rural Wyoming...

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