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Heller as the wonderful solution:

Also, my past optimistic view was evidence based at the time. That is a simple point. I wish I was wrong.

I currently see that I was perhaps incorrect. I thought that Obama would talk the ban talk but do nothing for political reasons. But I was wrong. He went full press on the issue. I thought that progun Democrats and most progun Republicans would hold the line (Toomey, Manchin - hey, being touted for President!). We will see about the House. Also, my optimism was based on the history of desegregation. In that case, the Federal government took Brown as a case to move against states. That certainly isn't the case here.

If you understand that analyses change based on evidence, you might move beyond rhetoric.

I'm not seeing Heller or Mc as a magic wand. I'd bet that the only thing it will protect is the right to have a double barrel - with appropriate registration - when the dust settles. Rights to handguns and EBRs will be iffy. State laws like the SAFE act will limit access to those and will the SCOTUS overturn. Place you bets on the wiley old bird. Note the NYTimes article does discuss the holes I pointed out as legitimizing such laws.

See what happens for other cases - Posner's decision? That will tell the tale rather than old wily bird praise.
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