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Rifle suggestion

I have a Remington 700BDL 22-250 in the shop for the second re-barrel. Looks like it will be there for a while ( 9 months+/- barrel wait time).

I have been shooting that caliber for almost 50 years and I just love it. I have brass out the wazoo and I really do not want to change calibers.

So what to do? With the current shortage of higher end walnut stocked varmint barreled rifles from either Remington or Ruger, what would you do?

Buy an action and barrel and stock and build your own or do you have a preference from a manufacturer that does not require a wait of almost a year?

If I remember right, the Remington standard twist for the 22-250 is 1-14. It might even be 1-12.

I really like 52 gr. bullets. If you were going to build a rifle, would you change the twist so you could shoot heavier bullets?

What is the fastest twist that would stabilize a 52 gr. bullet and be suitable for something maybe up to 62 gr. ?

Any input would be appreciated.


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