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If you can find a used one, CZ made a run of RETRO models a few years back -- the are true 75Bs (with the firing pin block), but have the rounded trigger guard of the pre-B models, and none of the potential parts-shortage issues (for some of the more obscure parts) that will eventually be an issue with certain pre-B models. It would be hard to beat the looks of the pre-B, a much better (almost indestructable) polycoat finish, and no concern about parts.

Pre-Bs are nice guns, and generally well-broken in with great triggers, but things like better sights can be a real problem, as they have different dovetails. Any of the B models can be improved by a competent gunsmith, to have the same smooth/crisp trigger as the pre-Bs, and some gunsmiths (like Cajun Gun Works, or the CZ Custom Shop) can make them almost 1911-like in their function.

Barring that, a Custom Shop SA (single action) model, or one of the Tactical Sport models (designed for IPSC and quite a bit more expensive) would be worth consideration.

The stainless steel models have new features incorporated, like the longer beavertail of the SA models, and reversible mag releases, and (I think) ambi-safeties. In the matte polish level, they are low-upkeep guns. The high gloss versions appeal to many, but can show scratches and mars more easily. (Those marks can be rubbed out without too much effrort, but are more work to keep looking their best.)

The Short rails are collector guns, and too expensive to just shoot.
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