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Re: Favorite powder for .40 S&W

I have shot a few hundred rounds with it now using TG, I am loading them with 4.5-4.6 grains under a 165 grain bullet and the accuracy has been surprising. It shoots really well.

TG meters almost perfectly for me and doesn't very more than .1 up or down. I have a single stage and just take my time. If I shoot 50-100 rounds a month I am staying fresh.

I have also double charged a case a few times just to see what it looks like. It is obvious if you are paying attention. Really I don't see the danger for someone who has attention to detail, if you don't you probably shouldn't reload.

I am still a newbie reloader but the powder is only as dangerous as the reloader is careless IMO.

No doubt this thread has made me more careful though and I thank everyone for their responses.
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