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Re: Question about guns in the safe

My .30-30 has rounds in the tube but nothing chambered, it is kept that way in case something big(ger) comes by the house. My 12 ga has 00 buck in the tube with room for two more shells and slugs in a side saddle but nothing chambered. It is the go-to coyote gun for when they get close. My AR has a full mag and an open bolt and it is my main HD long gun. Everything else is unloaded.
At night my gun safe is unlocked, with the door closed. All I have to do is turn the handle and the door swings open with my AR being the easiest gun to access. Since my safe is in my bedroom I don't worry about not being able to get to it in the event that I need to.... But I keep a pistol on my nightstand just in case
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