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New guy wanting revolver advice rossi 461 / sp101

Hey guys Im new just joined the site after checking it out. Ok so I have an XDM 9mm 3.8 springfield and my gf has the 9mm smith and wesson shield currently.

Last week my brother in law brought over his new smith body guard .38 with the lazer. He was all excited so we all shot it. I have to say I think its the worst thing I have ever shot. It kicked like a mule. It was light and felt cheap. The finish was like a toy. We couldnt even hit the target with the thing. It hurt our hands and it plain sucked in our opinion. If it had a hammer to try single action maybe it would have been better?

So today we shot my dads Highway partolman model 28 357 today with 4" barrel we shot .38 rounds out of it and fell in love with it. The thing was unreal. We could hit the target with close groups with ease. I was in shock at how well the thing shot. My girlfriend was also hitting bullseyes with it. It was my first time shooting that revolver and I am impressed. We shot at 4, 8, 12, 16 yards and the grouping was better then with our semi autos. She really likes the gun too.

So heres the problem. Now we want revolvers so we went to the gun store and handled every one in the store. My girfriend is all gung ho she is ready to buy a highway patrolman to carry in her purse but I told her to hold on because it was super heavy and well pretty huge!

She liked the feel of the rossi 461. It was heavy enough where it felt solid and it had a good grip. Thing is we have read alot of bad reviews and I dont wanna spend $350 on junk. We also liked the SP101 in the 2.25 barrel it was super solid. Im not saying money isnt an option but if I am going to spend 350 on junk I would rather spend 500 on something decent.

Ok so here is what we know. Any revolver we buy will have a hammer. We are not interested in a hammerless.

Can anyone tell us how that sp101 with the 2.25 is for accuracy compared to the highway partolman. I mean how much are we going to lose going from 4 inches to 2.25.

Any other suggestions on models would be greatly appreciated. We will mostly shoot 38+P. Would the smith 637 kick and be hard to shoot like the body guard?

We would like to buy 2 revolvers one for me and one for her. She was thinking the rossi for her and I was thinking a sp or gp for myself. Any thoughts from someone who has these? Thanks!!
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