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Can't just own one...

I dunno maybe it's me and guns but I can't just own one!
I need different ones for different situations, Game or just shooting. Once I get one, I seem to pair it up with a period correct pistol and then a rimfire rifle and pistol (Bingo! 4 guns now). I think the paring up of gun sets is me but the multi-purpose limitations are REAL. You need different actions and types of shotgun for different jobs.
Back to shotguns, no one gun seems to suit me for all purposes. I now have a nice 20 ga SxS Upland gun and it can fill the bill for several chores due to having the 3" chambers ( I can't imagine a 3" in that light double!) but the gun would do for Quail, Pheasant and Rabbits. Plus the other fun chores like shooting clays even of it's not the right gun for the job.
The H/D Pump is a Wards/Mossberg and will accept different barrels so cutting the 30" tube to 20" was not to painfull. It'll double as a fun gun and a rabbit/Varmint buster. It balances great and I can't wait to try some hip-shots since I bobbed the barrel!
How about you?
How many Shotguns do you own and what for?
DO you also pair em up with handguns?
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