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I went to a 20" length, I liked the balance and can go shorter later if I want,
The steel was way softer than I expected and my saw blade cut a bit off so It'll all square up easily and barely loose a 1/32".
The main
The selection is sparse the thing is finding shells these days!!!
I keep finding these high dram powder loads with small shot but large weight loads ie: 3 1/4 dram #7 shot Target loads(?). Some really and hard clays out there! Luckilly I found some reduced recoil slugs and some #4 Pheasant loads for in the house bad guys. The #4 will tear stuff up!
I have a Blackhawk 5 shot shell caddy to slip over the stock. Seems the best way to fit one is to slide it on from the front, removing the stock. Putting it on the back is just too hard!
So far I am really happy the way this gun is coming out! Best hundred bucks I ever spent. and I hope I never need it! I gotta take it out and play with it, shoot some paper patterns and then work on rolling some coffee cans and such... Just need to use the thing to become familiar
with it.
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