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Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer
We shall see how it plays out, won't we?

As I said, the behavioral consequences are the game and not the rhetoric of Scalia's genius prose.

I'm waiting - glad you are so optimistic.

BTW, if the Heller case didn't deal with schools, why did the wiley old bird lay such a rotten egg on schools?

Since, I work in such - I don't think he helped me. Your sesquipedalian exposition is not the current reality on the ground. I'm glad you feel SAFE.
Safe is a relative term. Both life, itself, and freedom are full of risk of every size and shape, both imaginable and unimaginable. I could trip and break my neck, just walking down my front steps, or a meteor could crash through the atmosphere and annihilate me.

I don't consider myself an optimist, nor a pessimist. I tend to see myself as more of a realist. There are much better examples of optimists around here than myself. Take the following fellow, for example:

Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer
My comment was to point out the fallacy of the doom and gloom hysteria of many. If it is not an absolute win, I'm moving to mountains and living off the land.

If you want to be that way - good for you.

The depressive gun nut never sees progress.

The Shall-Issue permit was a step back as we didn't need them because of a pure view of the 2nd - thus having the permits is a step back - blah, blah.

If African-Americans had the same view after Brown vs. the Board of Education - they would have given up on regaining the civil rights that they should have had.

Thus, let me abandon sarcasm and say, MVPEL, that you can stew in defeatish juices because the world isn't perfect yet or you can take a realistic look at changing your cognitive set and realize Heller is a good thing. Changing New York will take time. When I moved to TX, we didn't have a shall issue law - guess what we changed that even though the Absolutist GOA local branch was against it.

If you may recall, after Brown, it took Federal Troops and much time to change the racist polices of the South.

Then horrors - folks want the Supreme Court to overturn Heller. That's politics, friends. Roe. v. Wade - the SCOTUS must overturn that - a mantra of the right. So what - folks have argued that even a more conservative court won't overturn a precedent of many years. So if Heller exists for a bit and more suits - as in Chicago and SF - strengthen this view of the 2nd. - that will be a good thing.

So live on mountain and wait for the UN armored vehicles and the heliocopters. Or get real.
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