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I would like to know why the folks that open carry do so ?
I think a few have touched on the why in their replies, as have I.

Here is one desensitize a public that have (for the better part of a hundred years) been removed from the open carry lifestyle by different states for different reasons. Feeling that once the public sees that the open carry people are good and safe people, they will relax and think nothing more of it.

In a sense is it any different from a G string being worn for the first time, or the first Pair of short shorts, or the first public display of affection by a gay couple or even the first nude beach.

All of the aforementioned were frowned upon and even brought complaints of outrage at one time. In the eyes of an open carry person.....they may see it this way except they are repeating what was lawful at one time about anywhere you went.

That is why I believe it is more of a personal preference than a new fad. Either way i hope we all can respect each other and agree to disagree in an adult like fashion.

I am CCW but that may change!
If you ever have to use a firearm, you don't get to pick the scenario!
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