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If we are talking average hunter doing average hunting, a std weight 308 with a 20" or 22" tube and 4x or 6x scope is hard to beat. You can get all fancy, talk about flat shooting, etc, but unless you want to really specialize and practice long shots, fast shots, etc... I wouldn't over think it.

A Savage 10, 308 Win and 6x scope would have been great for me when I hunted MT. Instead I hunted with a sporterized 1917 (Winchester) 26" in 3006 with a Weaver 4x on it. Not bad. Most game was 75 to 100 yards away. I shot a few out to about 350.

In the end, I got bored of rifle hunting. I shot a deer at 125 yards with a Ruger Super Blackhawk 10.5" with a 4x scope. Then, I bought an SSK Contender in 375 JDJ to have some fun making ammo and kill deer out to 300 by pistol. I did get to shoot one at 200 before I moved away.

Still have my SSK Contender! 15" barrel, if it matters.

If you really want a long range gun, 300 mags with a 26-30" barrel and some need 15 lbs to make hits at range.
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