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Interesting from what I have read 2" of barrel equals about 150fps of velocity so the difference between a M1A Standard and Scout is about 300fps. I haven't taken this to a chronograph and tested it so I don't actually know. From everything I've read, shorter barrels equal pretty significant velocity drops, which equals more of an arc in the flight path, more crosswind effect, and less energy delivered. None of which matters if the average hunting shot is taken at under 500 meters for any given terrain and you are a capable marksmen. My hunting experience is limited to a few seasons in Mid New York, a trip to South Africa and a few trips down in NC. So my average distance for shot is 200 meters(Impala at 220+-, Whitetail Buck at 150+-, Whitetail doe at 245+-, Jackal at 75+-, Coyote at 313) but I've shot both M4/M16 on ranges up to 500 with no problem hitting man sized targets with varying wind, so I would say barrel length wouldn't play into effect until after 500 meters. I'm just trying to figure out if your average hunter shoots out beyond 500 meters all that often.
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