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practical tactical applications
Tactical is the keyword there, I'm not saying that lasers don't have a use in shootouts, in fact they are very useful but there are very few individuals out there who practice those techniques, and it is VERY VERY unlikely that your average citizen is ever going to find himself in a situation where he is going to be dumping mags at a OPFOR from behind cover, thus most lasers are going to be used as show of force by civilians/police. If you have a laser would I say practice behind cover shots and point shoot, absolutely, would I say most lasers are used for that, no. Also for the OP, my favorite revolver setup I have ever seen was a Anaconda with an EOTech, tack driver at 100 yards. I wouldn't recommend any visible laser for day time hunting, nor would I recommend lasers for hunting at all(unless the animals try to attack the laser dot like dogs and cats, in which case you have just invented the only true auto-sight ) A good red-dot or reflex/holo sight (even on a pistol) would do much better.
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