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Originally Posted by steve4102
I am not a fan of ultra fast powders like Titegroup in the 40. To small of a window from Min to KB and a double charge is very difficult to notice. YMMV

I like medium burners like Silhouette, True Blue and WSF for target and range use. For getty-up-go SD loads it's though to beat Longshot.
I agree with steve with the exception of LongShot where I've seen it analyzed by QuikLoad using 180 gr. JHPs where the Max. Average Pressure was at dangerous levels. I don't think you can do better than Silhouette, True Blue or WSF except that you might want to consider 3N37 in that mix albeit a good bit more expensive. As far as defense loads, Silhouette is treated to give the lowest muzzle-flash possible. Personally, I would never use a powder faster than W231 in the .40 S&W because of its naturally fast pressure peak characteristics and powders like W231/HP38 or Ramshot ZIP would only be used for medium velocity loads at lower pressure. For full velocity loads, I wouldn't use anything faster than Unique, but my preference is to use denser and better metering spherical powders rather than extruded flake powders like Power Pistol or Blue Dot that can give enormous flash in .40 S&W. For factory level performance where loads might have a defense application, Silhouette is an easy choice.
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