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I would never intentionally humiliate someone in public over this but I do have a strong opinion. That said, I don't think every discussion where it's referred to as ".45 Long Colt" should deteriorate into an argument over it.

That said, there is no .45 Short or Long Colt and never was. What there was, was the .45Gov't. A stepchild of a cartridge designed to work in both the .45 S&W and .45Colt SAA's of the day. It had the Colt's smaller rim but the S&W's shorter length. Unfortunately, many cases were simply stamped ".45 Colt". So at one time, there 'was' a need to differentiate between the two. No sixgun ever chambered the cartridge. It is so obscure that most people have never heard of it and most use the "Long" these days to differentiate it between the .45ACP. Old habits die hard and some people cling real hard to "Long".

Real simple:
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