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I looked for a 4" Model 25 Smith & Wesson for well over a decade before I finally found one. Could have had any number of 6.5" barreled ones, but I wanted the 4".
That 4" 25-5 is the gun that got me into .45 Colt. I picked one up in well worn condition from an estate sale back in about 1993. After sending it back to S&W for a rebuild and refinish, it came back just like new. It was a beautiful gun!

However, I was disappointed with its accuracy, as I later learned that there were some apparent throat/chamber diameter issues with those guns. Also, being a reloader, I like to run things a bit stout much of the time, and I was concerned about the long term condition of the 25-5, especially since I had just spent a significant sum of money to have the gun refurbished.

After a year or so, and not without some serious wincing and gnashing of teeth, I sold the 4" 25-5 and bought a pair of 5 1/2" Blackhawks, one in blue, and one in stainless. I still have those guns, and they have satisfied my lust for higher powered loads for the .45 Colt.

I would echo the need to reload for this caliber. Factory ammo is prohibitively expensive, and only through reloading can the real fun with the .45 Colt be found.
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